Trust their [life] experience

It’s the best way to understand the candidate’s most job-critical skills.

Our platform incorporates age-old wisdom and over 30 years of scientific research that confirms: life experience builds soft skills. Offering life experience as evidence of these professional skills sheds light on the trickiest parts of hiring: screening and interviewing.

The person...

Candidate Coleen

and the professional...

...are one and the same.

People are beautiful, complex beings. Hyper-focusing on work experience and technical skills means you miss 90% of a person’s capabilities and potential. The better you understand the whole person, the more informed your decision making.

Even still, most employers struggle to identify and evaluate character strengths, leadership traits, and people skills,1 despite being central to individual and organizational success. 40% of new hires fail due to a mismatch of soft skills.2 It’s time we expand what’s shared in the screening and interview process.

Life can teach us...

AND it can land us the job

Proof it works

We’ve conducted several studies with our workforce development partners and found that when job seekers use WholeStory, they are significantly more confident in their ability to communicate their soft skills in the interview. Employers then receive more of the right information during the screening and interview process.

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