Land the job with your story

Interviewing is hard—remote interviewing is even harder! WholeStory helps you prepare for the process.

Our technology platform enables you to share pivotal life experiences that highlight character and soft skills.

That way, you show up confident for the interview.

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Soft skills are your most valuable asset.

Soft skills are character strengths, leadership traits, and people skills. Employers desire these qualities, yet struggle to identify them.

That means, it's up to you to share. WholeStory guides you through the process.

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Stand out from the crowd

Communicate your unique value and skill set in a clear, memorable way.


Translate transferable skills

Share the significant things you’ve learned that don’t fit on the resume.

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Interview with confidence

Be the expert on YOU and ensure the most important topics are covered.

"The most important skills I had to learn to be successful were people skills."

— Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Atlantic

Show 'em what you're made of.

WholeStory's profile builder prepares you for the interview and helps you shine. It’s fun and simple to use:

#1 Build it.

Easily create your stories using our simple story builder process.

#2 Work it.

Refine your stories by talking them through with a friend.

#3 Share it.

Stand out by letting the company in on your unique self.

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Surviving cancer taught me how to be a better leader. I grew my ability to be adaptable, perseverant, and humble.

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#1 The purpose of the job interview

#2 Your life experience matters

#3 Be the author of your own story

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