Land the job with your story

Interviewing is hard—remote interviewing is even harder! WholeStory helps you prepare for the process.

Our technology platform enables you to share pivotal life experiences that highlight your character and soft skills.

That way, you show up confident for the interview.

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Show 'em what you're made of.

Employers desire character strengths, leadership traits, and people skills and yet they struggle to identify them.

That means it's up to you to share your soft skills.

WholeStory's profile builder guides you through the process. It’s fun and simple to use!

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Serving in the military taught me how to be a better leader. I grew my ability to be adaptable, perseverant, and humble.

A FREE course to help you prepare

Gain the confidence to go into any job interview and ace it.

This dynamic, self-paced video course takes less than 2 hours to complete and walks you through building your stories to get ready for any interview.

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Stand out from the crowd

Communicate your unique value and skill set in a clear, memorable way.


Translate transferable skills

Share the significant things you’ve learned that don’t fit on the resume.

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Interview with confidence

Be the expert on YOU and ensure the most important topics are covered.

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What you'll learn:

  1. Why sharing life experiences in the interview is the key to landing the job
  2. How your story helps you stand out and be memorable
  3. Which stories to share or not share
  4. What behavioral interviewing is and how to use it to your advantage
  5. How to share your story in the interview


And here's what you'll walk away with:

  • An expanded awareness of your strengths and potential
  • A unique professional profile to showcase your prowess
  • And the Basic Soft Skills Communicator credential to show prospective employers that you're ready (see it here)

Justin, G. Job Seeker

"WholeStory forces greater awareness by sharing the most evocative aspects of life's journey. This allowed me to align values and skills with my current employer — which was the first step into a new career in tech."

— Justin G. Engineer & U.S. Army Veteran from Austin, TX

Course Content

Overview (5 min)
The Key to Landing the Job (6 min)
Stand Out, Be Memorable (10 min)
Building Your Stories and Profile (60 min)
Interviewing as an Authentic Person (60 min)
Shanica, Job seeker

"By having to write about things I’ve overcome, WholeStory helped me to better articulate my strengths in the interview."

— Shanica R. from Pasco, WA