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The world has changed.

So must hiring.

WholeStory is a technology platform for employers that integrates the candidate's pivotal life experiences into the screening and interview process. This uncovers critical soft skills not revealed in the resume and interview.

Our platform ensures you hire smart the first time around.

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Candidates do the work

Candidates share pivotal life experiences and you get an inner view before the interview.

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You gain the insights

Uncover the candidate’s character strengths, leadership traits, and people skills alongside their work history.

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And hire with confidence

Leave the guesswork behind with a more data-driven yet humanizing approach to hiring.

Here's how it works

Insights without lifting a finger

Easily invite your candidates to our research-backed platform. Our interactive process guides them to select and share their most pivotal experiences. You gain deep insights into their resilience, emotional intelligence, and growth mindset.

A story-driven profile

WholeStory Profile and story highlight

My passion for my work comes from raising my disabled younger brother after our mom died when I was 12. That experience helped me gain self-awareness, humility, and compassion.

What our users think

Katie Gordon Nelson

“I was far more confident in my hiring choices, plus the candidates’ willingness and ability to complete their profile was almost as valuable as the profiles themselves!”

— Katie N., small business owner

Candidate Shanica

"As a candidate, WholeStory helped me to put my strengths into perspective. By having to write about things I’ve overcome, it also helped me to better articulate those strengths in the interview."

— Shanica R., Pasco, WA

Avoid making the wrong hire

With WholeStory, you can screen and interview with confidence. It's also affordable and easy to use!

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    Story is universal.

    Our brains are wired for it—it is the most effective way to understand people, especially in an interview.

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    Life experience matters.

    We build our character and soft skills through challenges in and outside of work.

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    Authenticity propels change.

    Enabling your candidates to share their story leads to better outcomes for all and boosts Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.

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