Multiple faces

The world has changed.

So must hiring.

It's time for a more equitable, human approach to hiring.

WholeStory is a technology platform that provides insights into diverse life experiences to power better hiring.

A story-driven profile to enable authentic interviews and better hiring

Our platform brings together job seekers, employers, and workforce developers to enable authentic conversations in the interview, and beyond.

WholeStory Profile and story highlight

I am adaptable and have a deep sense of purpose because of my experience having a baby when I was young.

African American woman and pics of her life experiences

Job Seekers:
Prepare to Shine

Build and share stories from pivotal life experiences to reveal character, mindset, and soft skills.

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African American woman and pics of her life experiences

Gain Deep Insights

Receive critical information not found in the resume or interview.

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Amir first generation graduate story

Being a first gen graduate helped me develop creativity and perseverance.

Job offer to a African American man with a WholeStory profile

Workforce Developers:
Align to Deliver

Bridge the last mile for job seekers to package and present their soft skills in the interview.

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Job offer to a black man with a WholeStory profile

Meet the Cofounders

We are a dynamic and intentionally diverse trio who have worked closely together for five years. Our strength and collaborative prowess as a team comes from the individual and collective challenges we've navigated together, like losing loved ones, undergoing brain surgery, and navigating all that 2020 introduced.

Together, we have remained impassioned and focused on our mission to use story to promote economic justice and eradicate hiring inequity. What we're most proud of today is building a product that's helped thousands of underestimated job seekers.

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Erin Anacker, Darren Varnado, and John Roach together in a park

In Seattle February of 2020, just before the world changed. From the left: Erin Anacker, Darren Varnado, John Roach

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Why You Can't Find People to Hire: Unpacking the complexity of the U.S. Labor Market

Why you can’t find people to hire: unpacking the complexity of the labor market

By Erin Anacker | August 16, 2021

It’s mid-2021, and despite the challenges with the Covid-19 Delta variant, companies continue to add jobs. A good sign of economic stabilization. Unfortunately, we’re also facing the greatest disruption in the labor market in a century. Employers cannot find enough people to fill their open positions. One would think the math is easy when the…

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A Free Soft Skills Communicator Course for Job Training Programs Nationwide

A Free Soft Skills Communicator Course for Job Training Programs Nationwide

By John Roach | May 10, 2021

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are making our research-backed Soft Skills Communicator Course available to all public and private U.S.-based workforce development programs, FREE of charge. This kicks off the availability of a first-of-its-kind Soft Skills Communicator micro-credential.

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One Small Change that Will Transform Your Hiring Success Rates

By Erin Anacker | January 25, 2021

As part of the work I do, I mentor young professionals. For nearly two years, I had the honor of mentoring a college student named Theo*. In June of 2021 he’ll graduate from a small, local university with a degree in communication, despite below average grades. He is kind, hard working, and level-headed. On paper,…

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