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Your path toward diversity, equity, and inclusion

As a natural outcome of using the WholeStory approach, organizations are able to take a simple, concrete step toward building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive hiring practice. Explore the ways WholeStory enables and boosts authentic DEI hiring efforts below.

1. Story Builds Understanding

Disabled woman sitting at computer desk

When we share our story in the hiring process, as opposed to just listing the facts, we are more likely to be heard, seen, and valued. Story infuses the process with insight. For employers, understanding people—their strengths, their potential, and how they fit within a team—starts with hearing their story.

2. Life Experience Expands Who’s Included

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By expanding what’s shared in the hiring process, a more diverse group of people are included, seen, and heard. Starting the employer-employee relationship from this authentic place sets the foundation for building a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Read more »

3. Soft Skills Unlock Success

young black man shaking woman's hand

With 40% of new hires failing to succeed in their first 18 months due to a mismatch of soft skills[1], hiring needs to change. Raising soft skills to the same level of importance as technical skills opens up a massive pool of candidates, previously untapped and underestimated. Seeing and reaching into this candidate pool offers a competitive advantage to the savvy employer.

4. Underrepresented People Are Best Equipped

Young latin man laughing

Research clearly shows that the life experiences common to historically under-represented people are often the greatest catalysts for growth. For example, consider the woman who juggled school and work while raising children, expanding her emotional intelligence and project management skills. In an increasingly unpredictable economy, this is the type of person who can envision the future, drive innovation, and build equitable systems. Read more »

5. Diversity Benefits the Bottom Line

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Employers must prioritize results-oriented diversity hiring practices. Diverse teams significantly outperform their competition. Gender diversity boosts productivity by 15%, while racial diversity boosts productivity by 35%.[2] Diversifying the organization from the board room to the mail room simply makes sense. Plus, we’re going to need all the help we can get to meet the challenge of inventing 85% of the next generation of jobs![3]

Impact Hiring Serves a Purpose

Impact hiring is the process of hiring, retaining, and promoting talent from underrepresented groups. A core principle of our Social Purpose is to enhance and expand organizations’ impact hiring efforts across the entire labor market. WholeStory is a powerful early step within a larger DEI strategy. It is a true win-win-win that produces immediate, measurable benefits to the employer, job seeker, and to society as we address hiring inequity and economic justice more broadly.

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