#5 Interviewing with WholeStory

In this video, we’re going to talk about how…

WholeStory positively and profoundly changes the experience in the interview for both you and the candidate.

There are two methods we recommend:

The first one is this—

Start your interviews with the candidate’s story.

Select one or two of the stories from their profile that stand out to you and ask them to elaborate.

This sets the stage for a deeper, more authentic, and connected interview.

And that puts the candidate at ease, helping them feel more comfortable, confident, and open…

We’ve found that when the interview starts this way, candidates end up sharing a lot more about everything.

The second method is to build your own WholeStory profile and share it with the candidates you interview beforehand.

Our customers have found this method to be incredibly effective.

One of the best things you can do in the interview is to build trust and rapport.

How do you do that quickly with a stranger you only have an hour with?


You “go first” and pave the way for mutual sharing.

Lastly, while they expand on their stories during the interview, here are the things to listen for:

  • How their strength was fortified or came to be
  • How their stories relate to who they are as a professional and a teammate today
  • That at least some of their stories relate to challenges, setbacks, or failures and are not exclusively focused on their success and accomplishments
  • That their stories are not framed in a victim / victor mentality (examples: externalizing responsibility, placing blame on others, glorifying themselves over others, etc.)
  • That they share just enough to reveal their character and not “over share” with gratuitous detail or explanation

Using these methods will improve the interview experience for everyone involved.

I wish you all the best in your interviews!

That’s all for now.