#5 Build a number of stories to draw from

In this video, we’re going to talk about how having several stories to share during the interview helps you stand out.

​Obviously… You are SO much more than your resume.

​But many of us, for many reasons, only share one side of ourselves during an interview and end up regurgitating our resume.

​Instead, use WholeStory to build several stories…

​and have them in mind to share during your interview.

​This will give the hiring manager a multi-dimensional view of who you are as a person.

​For example, what if I told you…

​I am trained as a graphic designer and spent 10 years in the industry, both as a practitioner and community builder. Eight of those years, I worked for myself, started two different businesses during that time.

​Now, what if I also told you that I played college soccer and grew in humility and teamwork by working hard to help our team get to Nationals even though I sat the bench more than I played?

​Or that struggling with dyslexia helped me to find my strength and trust my ability to learn…

​Or that discovering I had a brain tumor helped me to realize that I had become a much more open and collaborative person due to the five years leading up to diagnosis where I faced one uncertainty after another.

​How do you see me differently now than when you only knew that I was a graphic designer?

​This is the power of sharing multiple stories and these are the stories that make us unique.

​Let people in on how you came to be the incredible person you are today.

That’s it for this video.​

Talk to you again soon.