#4 Using WholeStory to vet candidates

In this video, we’re going to talk about how WholeStory helps you uncover unique candidates and filter out those who only look good on paper.

​The information that candidates share on WholeStory cannot be found anywhere else.

In fact, most people rarely share their most powerful and formative stories during the interview.

By giving candidates permission to share more, you’re able to find those diamonds in the rough: people who may have otherwise been overlooked but when you see their work history in the context of their life experiences, they become a very intriguing candidate.

It also offers a way to filter out people whose resume looks strong but their stories reveal that they are not as qualified when it comes to their soft skills.

​Finally, it helps tip the scales when deciding between two candidates—

Imagine you’re looking at two people for a director-level position:

  • both have strong, similar resumes
  • and both graduated from Ivy league schools

However, one of those candidates provided a WholeStory with their resume revealing that…

  • they learned how to work hard while growing up on a farm, working sun up to sun down
  • they gained significant self-awareness and compassion through raising a disabled child
  • and they were forced to get really good at communication due to having Dyslexia

​Which candidate would you want to hire?

​WholeStory helps you vet candidates and make a more informed decision.

That’s it for this video.