#3 What about EEO and ADA compliance?

In this video, we’re going to talk about how WholeStory expands what’s shared in the interview to include professionally relevant life experiences.

and it opens up the possibility for candidates to differentiate themselves in a way that’s never been possible before.

These non-traditional topics may bring up questions for you around EEO and ADA compliance.

I love this topic because it is central to our values as a Social Purpose Corporation.

With a space for people to share their story, so much is made possible.

There is a substantial benefit in better understanding people from under-represented communities in the workforce.

When it comes to EEO and ADA compliance, as you may already know, it’s not whether you have the information, it’s how you use it in your decision making process.

A comprehensive LinkedIn profile with a picture provides a lot of information about a candidate, so there’s nothing new here in having this information from a WholeStory profile.

Our assessment is that using WholeStory’s approach is more effective than using LinkedIn from an EEO and ADA compliance liability perspective.

There are two key things to note:

  • Candidates choose what they share on their profile.
  • Candidates share these stories because they believe their experiences provide further evidence of their most job-critical skills.

This creates more of a level playing field for those who come from under-represented communities.

When it comes to inclusive hiring and building a more diverse workforce, WholeStory offers a competitive advantage to candidates and a powerful addition to your efforts.