#2 Your life experience matters in the job interview

In this video, we’re going to talk about why it’s important to share your life experiences during the job interview.

We build many of our greatest strengths through life’s challenges.

These experiences directly connect to our soft skills development—things like character strengths, leadership traits, and people skills.​

Sharing your experiences can help you get and keep the job you want.

Did you know that HALF of new employees fail within the first 12 months and 85% of those are due to a lack of soft skills?

There is a huge misunderstanding about the personal side of the professional.

What companies are looking for today are people who can—not just DO the job—but contribute in a changing, collaborative, and diverse environment.​

It’s up to you to prove that you have what is needed, beyond just technical expertise.

How do you do that?

Tell them how you came to be who you are today.

When do you that, you provide the evidence from your life experiences.

In fact! there is substantial scientific research that confirms what we already know intuitively:

…That what doesn’t kill us can make us stronger…

…That life helps us form and transform who we are as people.

Telling the origin story of how you came to have integrity for instance—or how you gained humility, adaptability, and became more open to feedback—helps provide the proof that you are those things.

Maybe it was having your first kid, surviving cancer, traveling the world, or reading a great book—whatever it is:

If it influences how you work and how you work with others, it is absolutely applicable.

Your life experience matters.

That’s all for this video.

​Talk to you again later.