#1 The purpose of the job interview: Who are you, really?

In this video, we’re going to talk about how communicating who you are as a person helps you get the job you want.

The challenge with interviews is that they are totally inconsistent.

…every interview has a different format and a different set of questions.

…in addition, every interviewer has a varied amount of training and expertise in hiring and interviewing—many hiring managers have never done this before!

Really, the only thing constant in the interview is YOU.

SO, it is SUPER important that you’re able to clearly and concisely communicate—not only WHAT you can do but—who you are as a person, in a focused, professionally relevant way.

No matter the questions, the format, or the interviewer, it’s up to you.

Don’t leave it up to chance for whether or not the interview actually uncovers your greatest strengths.

Learn how to tell your story.

That’s all for this video. Talk to you again soon.