#1 Improve your hiring success rate and reduce your risk

In this video, we’re going to talk about how WholeStory helps you get to know candidates better before you hire them.

It helps reduce your risk, reduce your turnover, and increases the candidate’s potential for landing the right job on the right team.

Regardless of your level of training or experience with interviewing techniques, hiring is just hard!

It’s fraught with risk—how do you know if the candidate is trustworthy, a team player, and a hard worker?

Without a “trial run,” it is nearly impossible to answer those questions with any degree of certainty.

You’ve got limited time and limited information.

In addition, work history, education, and technical expertise—while essential in qualifying a candidate—are proven to be poor predictors of future performance.

That’s why WholeStory exists.

We expand what’s shared in the interview and give candidates permission to share how they came to be who they are today both as a person and a professional.

WholeStory profiles highlight the candidate’s soft skills, motivations, and values so you can make hiring decisions with more certainty and less anxiety.

That’s all for this video.

Talk to you again soon.