Ensure your job seekers communicate their value

WholeStory is a technology platform where job seekers build and share stories of pivotal life experiences to showcase their soft skills.

This ensures employers get the most critical data and enables more authentic interviews.

Easily integrate WholeStory into your existing job training program and accelerate career pathways.

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Prepare the job seeker to shine

Help your job seekers show up to the interview ready to communicate their soft skills in a proven, powerful way.

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Equip the employer to improve

Provide critical data and cultural competency to hiring managers before they interview your job seekers.

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Align your program to deliver

Improve staff efficiency while measurably boosting job seeker confidence and placements.

Enabling an authentic interview via a professional profile like no other.

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Our Current Partners

As an expression of our Social Purpose, we prioritize partnerships with workforce development programs that serve underrepresented job seekers.

Give the gift of story

Measurably boost job seekers' confidence and increase the likelihood of both interviews and job offers.

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    Story is universal.

    Story is the most effective way to communicate, especially in an interview—our brains are wired for it.

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    Life experience matters.

    We build our character and soft skills through challenges in and outside of work.

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    Authenticity propels change.

    Communicating through story ensures the under-estimated are valued anew and infuses the hiring process with empathy.

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Case Study:

Bridging the Opportunity Divide

Back in September of 2019, we brought on our first strategic workforce development partner, Year Up. They were the first of several and have paved the way for our mission-aligned, community based partnerships to help differentiate underrepresented job seekers in the interview. WholeStory’s introduction into Year Up’s program added significant value. A 2020 study showed that after using WholeStory, Year Up participants were measurably more confident in talking about their job-critical soft skills in interview-type settings.

We recently had the opportunity to interview Melanie Chavez about how they’ve used WholeStory thus far. Melanie is an Employment Placement Manager at Year Up Puget Sound and a passionate, multi-talented non-profit aficionado.

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Proven to Boost Job Seeker Confidence and Communication

Through our partnership with Year Up, we ran initial study on the effectiveness of job seekers using WholeStory for their interview preparation, in conjunction with a team of research psychologists. We then replicated the study with hundreds of students, spanning multiple additional Year Up cohorts and multiple cohorts from other workforce development partners.

The study results were consistent for every cohort. WholeStory significantly improved participants’ confidence in the interview process. Job seekers are significantly more confident in both talking about themselves and standing out from the crowd when they use WholeStory. Their confidence and ability to communicate their soft skills translates to hiring managers being better informed about their soft skills, the most important success factor for new hires.

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"Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems."

— Gever Tulley